Why Am I Not Losing Weight on Atkins?

Have you ver asked yourself, why am I not losing weight? With roughly thirty-six percent of Americans obese, it is no wonder that slogans scream “Low Fat!” or “Only three Weight Watchers Points!” in the supermarkets. But according to a relatively new diet it is not the fat or calories that matter, it is the carbohydrates that are making us so fat. The Atkins Diet claims that when you cut carbs from your daily meals and snacks, your body goes into a state of ketosis, which means that your body will burn fat for the energy it needs throughout the day. The premise is simple, eat very few carbohydrates found in bread, sugary foods, and some fruits, and stick to high protein steaks, eggs, and even foods high in fat. So, why isn’t it working? Why isn’t everyone a lean, mean, protein-consuming machine?

If the diet is still in the beginning stages, some bodies react from a starvation standpoint and start holding onto fat because it is not sure when it will get more energy to burn. For others, the scale not dropping just has not happened yet. Especially if the diet includes additional exercise, a person can drop fat but gain muscle and not lose any weight, according to the scale, at all. In this case, it may be helpful to take measurements, or pay attention to how clothes are fitting, so the progress can be noted and you do not get too frustrated by the lack of weight loss.

If the individual who is on the diet has successfully reached a later stage within Atkins, it could be holding onto water weight. It has been shown that in the Atkins Diet, much of the weight lost in the beginning weeks is water weight, which the body will easily gain back. Another consideration the dieter must make has to be how closely the diet is being followed. With the increased consumption of meats and fresh vegetables, some may find the cost to be prohibitive, while the cheaper chips, breads, rice, and pasta are only allowed in small amounts, if at all. Dieters have to consider that human error, or cheating, could be to blame for their lack of pounds lost. Were there chips enjoyed with that dip at the party? Or some bread to sop up the soup broth?

Why Am I Not Losing Weight on Atkins

Long story short, Atkins dieters may find that the diet is hard to stick to, which may lead to a lack of weight loss. Other dieters find that the food that is allowed is too expensive for their budget, while others find that eating out is nearly impossible. Some find that it is too hard to feed an entire family and still stick to the guidelines, while others go off the diet when their goals are achieved, and gain back a lot of the weight. Depending on the stage of the diet, lack of weight loss can be blamed on the body thinking it is starving, gaining muscle, water weight, or how much a person is eating things that are not allowed.